6 Gifts for Music Lovers that Never Go Out of Style

Music lovers and fashion lovers are a classic pairing. We often see these two artistic mediums unite and influence one another. Music sometimes inspires fashion designers’ collections, and bands look towards fashion to create a statement with their look. We know that fashionistas often have an extreme music enthusiast within their social circle. To help you shop for them, we created a list of some fashionable and cool presents to buy the music lover in your life.

Clothing and Accessories with Music Related Designs

Most retailers carry at least one item of clothing or accessory that features a music design. A quick internet search produces everything from quirky guitar socks to a  sophisticated Tiffany’s music note necklace. A sheet music print necktie, guitar pick earrings, and a keyboard handbag are other must-have music inspired accessories.

Nothing beats the simplicity of buying a music lover a band t-shirt. Find specific band merchandise on their official website. For vintage band t-shirts, like 80s and 90s groups, try music speciality stores or vintage t-shirt brands like Junk Food Clothing.


The best gift you can give a music lover is the experience of live music. Find discounted tickets by using sites such as SeatGeek, GoldStar, and Stubhub. You often find last minute tickets at reasonable prices.

Aim to avoid buying tickets for the opening show because they tend to sell higher. Try to buy tickets for concerts that happen later in a multi-date concert, or buy tickets for a show at a nearby city that has a smaller population.

Music Players

Assess which listening device best suits your friend’s listening style. Vinyl players work best for music lovers who appreciate the classics, especially music of the 60s and 70s. MP3 players work best for those modern tech music lovers, especially ones with a huge digital music collection. CD and cassette players work best for a hit of nostalgia for those 80s and 90s kids.

For a music lover who appreciates all methods of listening to music, buy them an

all-in-one music device. These devices average around $300. If your favorite music fan doesn’t need a new player, then invest in a speaker system that enhances their music experience. Add a layer of personalization by creating a mixed tape along with the new music player or speaker.

Subscription to Streaming Service

Purchase a gift card that allows them to buy music or get a premium subscription to their favorite music streaming service. Additionally, you may want to just directly buy them a year’s worth of premium music streaming. Spotify, Amazon music, and Apple Music all charge $9.99 a month for individual accounts. This adds up to about $120 a year. Pandora’s year of premium music service costs about $55.

Music Reading Material

Buy one of the latest or greatest best selling books about music. It could be about the scandalous life of an artist, fiction that follows a music lover as he navigates through life, or a book about the history of a type of music. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Just Kids by Patti Smith

High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

Nowhere to Run: The Story of Soul Music by Gerri Hirshey

Girls Like Us by Sheila Weller

If your friend isn’t a huge book reader, but still enjoys learning about music, then you may want to consider buying him a subscription to a popular music magazine like Rolling Stone.

Gift Cards

Guitar Center carries a wide range of music supplies and instruments. Purchase a Guitar Center gift card to allow your music friend to finally experience the rock star lifestyle with a new instrument, or by learning how to play one.

The best thing about getting a Guitar Center gift card is that the company also provides coupons via Groupon. This makes the gift card twice as valuable because you can save with coupons and maximize your purchasing capabilities.


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