Buying a Charm Bracelet 101

One of the latest phenomenons in the jewellery industry is charm bracelets. Over recent years more and more people have turned to them, with many treating them as something of a fashion statement. The fact that they can be constantly tweaked and personalised means that they go against most other forms of jewellery and with ranges varying so significantly in value, they really are ideal for any type of consumer.

If you are thinking about purchasing a charm bracelet for a loved one, there are several issues to consider that would not be apparent with standard forms of jewellery. Therefore, it’s certainly worth following these next five tips, although you could also visit a high-street retailer such as Prestige Diamonds jewellers in Southport to browse stock and request advice on charms from staff. If it’s the former you’re after, here we go…

Pick your bracelet

While most buyers concentrate on the charms themselves, it’s important to realise that you first require a bracelet to put each individual piece on. Unsurprisingly, bracelets come in all shapes and sizes and while it’s possible to purchase a simple one for as little as £20, others will cost exceptionally more. Even though a lot of people save their budget for the charms, it’s worth mentioning that a premium bracelet can make all the difference and it might even be advisable to sacrifice a charm to accommodate one in your budget.

Establish how many charms you want to start with

That last point leads smoothly onto the next part; deciding how many charms you will place on the bracelet at first. There really is no correct answer to this although rather than flooding the bracelet with countless items, it’s probably better to invest in fewer charms that actually have some meaning. At the same time, don’t fork out for a hugely expensive bracelet but just place the one charm on – make the gift look respectable with at least two or three so it actually looks like a charm bracelet, and not just a simple piece of jewellery.

Decide which charms to add

This is unquestionably the most important issue and will be the point which either makes or breaks the gift. This might also show if you really know your recipient, as charms are generally rather personable to the owner and have a meaning. Therefore, sift through your recipient’s interests and try and find charms that correlate with them. Alternatively, if the charm is for a special occasion, most collections will cater for these. Another option is to use some of the various letter charms that are available and purchasing one that corresponds with either yours or your recipient’s first letter of the name. If you can manage to arrange a combination of different meanings for each charm, it only adds to the gift and makes it that little bit more personable.

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