Choosing women’s outerwear: a coat or a jacket?

Unfortunately, when the warm season ends the winter ahead. So, you will need the winter outerwear – such which will be practical, beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

It would be ideal to have in the wardrobe a lot of womens petite outerwear for all occasions, and even of all possible colors. Today we will show you what you should choose if you have limited budget – winter coat or the jacket?

Choose a winter coat

The coat is the classic version of winter outerwear. Winter coats clearly never go out of fashion and they are the best option for a combination of elegance and price. But choosing a coat, surely it must be given our realities and temperature. Today, the European blogs and sites are full of “winter images” and modern looks in fine wool and cashmere coats, but, unfortunately, these coats even with the warm sweaters will warm you up to a maximum -5 degrees, and then it will be cold. For winter, you should pay attention to the coat of natural fabrics with the lining of warm padding polyester or batting.

Select the length of the coat

The optimal length of the coat – to the knee. Such coats are warm, and also you still have a lot of possibilities for choice of the footwear. With this coat you can successfully combine boots with heels and flat and even rude winter boots. Long coat may look great, but first, for visual balance and elongated figures it will require shoes with heels. And secondly, remember the state of the streets in winter, long coat require special care – hiking on the unclean streets, which are also covered with the reagent, can rapidly lead the lower hem of the coat into disrepair.

Coat: blue or black?

The same thing with the color of your petite outerwear. An ideal choice for winter coat will be the classic colors – black, gray, brown. Boring, of course, but practical. Given the fact that our winters are not indulging us with bright colors – we want to opt something brighter, but there is better to prefer rich dark colors. For example, the dark blue is very fashionable this season. The bright winter coats certainly look very impressive and immediately emphasize you on the street, but with the purchase of the coat you have to think about the budget for dry cleaning – mud and snow will spoil the appearance of your bright coat.

Practical jackets

One of the most successful types of winter outerwear. Until recently, the jackets were seen more as clothing for girls of sports style, but now popular luxury brands produce a variety of models and you can find quite elegant versions of actually any color.

Jacket in contrast to the coat can be washed completely at home, using a delicate detergent and special regimes, not to tangle the fluff.

Marta Kelley, freelance blogger talks about petite outerwear presented in modern women’s clothing online stores and gives tips on how to select coat or jacket for your outfit.

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