Divine Lashes Eyelash Extensions Laval

At eyelash extensions Laval we provide the perfect solution for every woman who is beauty conscience. They are designed to enhance your natural lashes by adding length, volume and fullness. The average person has about 90 to 160 lashes. These lashes are at different stages of growth and we are constantly growing and constantly shedding, and depending on the person we lose on average 1 to 5 lashes on a daily basis. False lashes come in different length, thickness and curls and these false lashes is attached one false lash to one natural lash to create a customized look for each woman.  These extensions are weak against horizontal force but strong against vertical force so while you have eyelash extensions try to avoid rubbing, pulling, playing and touching. The less you touch it will extend the life of your extensions.

Some women may be worried that wearing eyelash extensions can cause damage to their natural lashes. If eyelash extensions are not applied properly they can cause damage however if they are attached one false lash to one natural lash they will not cause any damage. There are some women wearing eyelash extensions for years without causing any damage to their own natural lashes. Damage occurs for example, if one false lash is attached to more than one natural lash. When one of the natural lashes sheds it creates tremendous strain on the other natural lash causing the natural lash to shed before its mature state. Virtually plucking out the natural lash before its ready, if this continues over time, eventually the lash will not grow back causing bald spots along the lash line.

When eyelash extensions are applied properly, you shouldn’t feel anything at all and they should feel as natural as your own. After the procedure these extensions should be checked one by one to make sure one extension is on one natural lash. This is very important because sometimes the tiny baby hairs may get caught at the base. When the extension and the natural lash sheds it will pluck out the baby hair along with the extended lash and this will cause thinning of the natural lash over time.

At Eyelash Extensions Laval, we practice one to one method to deliver safe application to the natural lash to our clients. Our technician will check each extended lash at the end of the procedure to make sure each extension is on only one lash and make sure that there is no baby hairs caught at the base. This way our clients can enjoy full sexy lashes comfortably.

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