Just Started Doing Some Modeling

Of course my best friend wanted me to tell her how to get into modeling. I really do not have a clue and what I am doing is not that big of a deal. I just started doing some modeling a couple of weeks ago and it was all simply coincidence. I was in the right place at the time when the photographer happened to need someone who looked like me. He was shooting in the park and I was out for a walk. At first when he approached me I was thinking that he was hitting on me, but he had all of the stuff you need. He had a woman and a young man working for him, the only thing that he did not have was a model. She had not shown up for some reason or another. So he decided to take a chance on me. I had no clue what I was doing and that seemed to work out pretty well for me.

The woman put some make up on me, but not too much. Then she helped me changed clothes about thirty five times. I did that in the back of a cargo van. After we were done they wrote me a check and they wanted my number and email so they could call me again. I have a full time job and so far this has only been once or twice a week. It has been three times total. It pays well enough that I can take half a day off of work to do it. Of course I have plenty of sick days and vacation days to use. So it is not that big of a deal so long as it is not much more work than it has been to this point.

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