Make your arrival an event

It will require a special set of circumstances to have your arrival be cause for attention, especially if you want to be mum regarding this. Other than politicians and Paul McCartney, that’s about it, whilst the president can arrive quietly while having everyone in a few square miles know about it. When I arrive somewhere, I like people to notice, but I don’t like to call attention to myself. All the cool is sucked away when you have to be the one letting everyone else really know what you have to offer. It’s better to find a way to it, and keep the mouth shut.

A Rolex

A Rolex watch is like your eight-ounce entourage. Its unparalleled aesthetic will steel people’s attention as you may step in the doorway or from your car, while its peerless ingenuity will receive people talking. When you wear a Rolex watch, you happen to be immediately a celebrity, a conversation piece, and a sexy mystery. Only the name is steeped in respect and tradition, the kind that folks want to be a part of. If you want to arrive to the party and have people notice, start out with a Rolex. This gem won’t betray you, it will probably be your wing man or woman, it will likely be the spot light that illuminates you and separates you from the crowd. If you consider you can pull one of these off, go online to rolex service cost or and peruse the vast selection of beautiful pieces from which to choose.

Make a movie

It doesn’t even have to be a good one. You’ll be much better off if it is. These days, with the types of affordable equipment and technology at the disposal of everybody, making a movie on your own has never been so easy. Trust me, if I’ve tried it, then anybody can. The thing about movie making is, that even if you undertake it poorly, it’s still sexy and admirable. Peoples respect for you will skyrocket exponentially once they realize what you can do if you just put your thoughts to it. If you’re introduced at a party as a filmmaker, you have no idea what you’re in store for. Men and women will envy you and want to be close to you. If you’re an introvert, maybe this isn’t the best idea. You don’t want to have to deal with those compliments.


All you really have to do to become a philanthropist is care about causes, and do something about them. Generally it involves giving lots of money, but philanthropy is not specialized to only the wealthy or royal. If you can associate your name by using a cause you rely on, such as environmentalism or peace in the Middle East, then you’ve done the work. If you learn to support a reason simply to be noticed and talked about, I do believe you’re missing the point, granted. Any cause that you dedicate your time to should be one who you believe in.

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