Smart Idea to Prepare Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

There are so many creative wedding invitations we can choose to be our wedding invitation. Not only can we make the invitation memorable, but also beneficial for our guests. Here are some unique and smart ideas on wedding invitations that can inspire us. First, we can print the invitation, put it on the box and put engrave spoon and fork in the box with the invitation. It might need an extra budget, but it reminds the guests that there are going to be a festive in our wedding party, so they shouldn’t miss it.

The second creative wedding invitations idea is by making a map-based invitation. There must be so many memorable places for our partner and us and we can use a map, sign the places and give references to our guests, so they have the same enjoyable experience. For example, if our we love spending time together is a specific coffee shop, then we can sign the coffee shop spot in the map and give a brief explanation why we love the coffee shop. Third, we can use a boarding pass design. This boarding pass is the part of the invitation that should be carried by our guests when they are attending our party. Fourth, not only papers, we can also use various unexpected materials like handkerchief. As long as the material is able to be printed, then we shouldn’t have any hesitation to use it, so be creative on it.

Fifth, if we love a specific movie, then why don’t we use a theme from the movie? For example, if we love action movie, we can make the wedding invitations as if it was a top secret document. We can also make the wedding invitations with passport theme. We can use any idea and all we need to do is digging our creativity. When we are ordering the wedding invitation, make sure to order the save the dates too.

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