Subtle Ways to Impress at A Job Interview That Really Work

The economy these days no longer allows for everyone looking for work to jump into a dream career. In fact, competition has never been greater for jobs that offer stability and a career path that one can be excited about. When you find an opening for a job that you think is a perfect match for you, there are most likely going to be a hundred other resumes emailed in along with yours on that very first day that the job is posted. If you don’t jump, you may not even make the initial cut as soon the HR folks will stop accepted resumes at all. So when you are lucky enough to make that first cut and be granted a preliminary interview, you cannot let anything go to chance. You absolutely must make a great first impression, one that sets you out above the competition. Here are some subtle things that really work to make you stand out even just a little over the legions of others vying for your job.

Look Everyone in the Eye

You might be going into the interview ready to focus on impressing those in the room of the interview. You know to smile and be agreeable and polite but not too wimpy and languid. You want to be determined and confident without being brash. However, the impression you make on everyone you interact with – or even those you don’t – is of critical importance. If there is a door guy opening the main door for you, shake his hand and wish him a good one. Engage with the secretary of there is one, something of more substance. Talk about the weather or something interesting coming up in the city. Not only will you make a favorable impression on the person with whom you are interacting, but observers will see a candidate for the job who is likable and they will likely ask about you later: are we hiring that nice guy?

Pieces of Flair

Anyone and everyone can wear a nice suit and tie and comb their hair and give themselves a fresh shave before the big interview. But if you want to stand out, you want to add a few pieces of fashionable flair to your attire. You don’t want anything too out of the ordinary, like don’t wear a cowboy hat and a bollo tie, but a really nice watch is something that makes a candidate stand out, particularly in this day and age when fewer and fewer people wear watches. You can probably even find an old watch and get it fixed up inexpensively at a rolex repair service like A small investment in a piece of jewelry like this is a subtle but effective way to appear on the top of the pile.


Many people overlook the importance of a nice pair of shoes. Many think, well, my potential employer will not notice my feet, for they will be comfortably hidden out of sight below the desk. You of course are not considering wearing sneakers, you think you will get away with a nice simple pair of black shoes. And while that’s true, you can get by with a pair of black dress shoes, it would behoove you to get yourself a really nice, eye-catching pair of shoes, which you can find for cheap usually at your local DSW. Caring about your footwear shows that you are a person to be reckoned with, even if it’s subconsciously.

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