The Best Exfoliants Lurking in the Kitchen

“Among the secrets to fabulous looking skin is to go beneath the surface – eliminate some of the top, dead layer and reveal the new, radiant skin beneath . . . it’s called exfoliation. All that an exfoliant does is usually to remove old dead skin cells which can cause the skin to look rough and dull (and can fall off eventually anyway) to make technique for the new skin cells which can be buried beneath. Regular exfoliation can also help to lower blemishes since the dead skin can block the pores – it will help your skin to appear bright, clear and healthy as well as improving circulation. If you regularly exfoliate, your moisturizer and also other skin care products will also be able to penetrate more easily and deeply.

You don’t be forced to pay for expensive treatments – there are plenty of natural products lurking in your kitchen cupboards which will do the job just great.

Honey – can be a valuable addition to any natural skin care and sweetness regime. Unprocessed stuff it also has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties helping with the combat skin and acne infections, if you choose the really raw. The antioxidants which are within the honey can also help your epidermis to protect and repair itself more easily and also reduce inflammation and it really helps to attract moisture to the skin making it ideal for hydration purposes. And to think you were only using it to sweeten your chamomile tea.

Yogurt – is good for you both inside and out. Yogurt is a good source of lactic acid which can be present in many chemically produced skin care treatments – but this is natural. Yogurt hydrates, exfoliates and helps to maintain the skin silky and smooth – you can use it all over your body.

If you have a sweet tooth but it’s incredibly good when used topically as being an exfoliant, sugar – will not be good for you. It will help to break across the protein (glue) which stop the dead skin cells from falling off and might boost the creation of new skin cells helping to create a soft, smooth skin. Just mix around a half cup (it doesn’t matter whether you choose brown or white sugar) with enough extra virgin olive oil to make in to a paste (other oils will do too) and gently massage into the face using a circular motion before rinsing well and patting dry. You can use this all over the body and face.

Oatmeal – just like the yogurt this is fantastic on the inside along with the outside of the body. It’s a terrific natural and incredibly cheap exfoliant as well as being a natural moisturizer. Grind around a cup of oatmeal in a blender until it’s fine then stir with buttermilk or plain yogurt and a couple of spoons of honey, mix into a paste and spread gently within the face. Leave for around quarter-hour before rinsing off with clean, warm water.

Sea Salt – the natural properties of sea salt happen to be known for centuries, people have been bathing within the extra salty Dead Sea for centuries looking for a miracle remedy for all sorts of problems. Sea salt is a great exfoliant when together with glycerin (available in all good drug stores) to create a paste. Take a hot shower then rub this paste all over your body using either your hands or possibly a sponge – rinse off and feel the difference.

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