Tips on How to Choose the Right Sandals

Here are some tips for women looking to buy cheap sandals for all occasions. You will find a lot different styles to choose from and we will go through them and explain the advantages and disadvantages of them to you. This will help you buy the right type of cheap sandals ensuring you get value for money. You can also use this guide to help you when buying online or when out shopping with friends.

The benefits of leather

Leather is one of the most popular materials used in all types of shoes. It is comfortable and very durable. Another benefit of using leather is that it is very easy to keep up and looks good for longer.

The pitfalls of using leather

Although this material is very popular there are a lot of imitation materials that are not as strong. These will not last as long neither will they be as comfortable. But for someone who is going to only wear their sandals a few times then this would be a cheaper alternative.

The good points of using canvas

Canvas is widely used as a material for making sandals of all designs. It is light strong and very cool in hot weather. Also canvas does not cost a lot of money so you will always see shoes made of this material at the lower end of the price scale.

The bad points of using canvas

They main drawback is that it is not water proof and can easily be ruined by the rain. Your footwear can lose shape and look very old in a short space of time. Also its does not look as classy as other materials such as leather.

The advantages of vinyl

Vinyl is a great material that is widely used in a lot of different cheap sandals. It’s easy to manufacture and you will find a lot of different styles in this material.

The disadvantages of vinyl

The main bad point about this material is that you are limited to casual styles only. This should put you off buying them but you can’t wear them at formal occasions or take them to work.

Good reasons to use satin sandals

This is a fantastic material to use for both causal and formal occasions. You will be able to find them in a range of styles although these will be prices higher than other styles.

The negative points of satin

Although this is a very good material to use it is not very hard-wearing and does not stand well against harsh weather. When buying footwear made of this material you should consider that they are used only on special occasions.

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