Tips to Find Stylish Sunglasses with an Assurance on Protection

The sunglasses are a favorite eyewear irrespective of gender. Theses stylish pieces would always hike up the glam quotient in any outing and is celebrated widely whether its an official meet or Sunday brunch party. There are a great variety of sunglasses available in the market today but while picking up a one you have to be sure that your stylish glasses assure sufficient optic protection too. Here are some points to check out while choosing your glam yet protective sunglasses. First of all, it’s primary that your sun glasses are certified to block around 99 to 100 percent UVB and UVA radiation which is highly harmful and damaging for your delicate eyes. The UV protected sunglasses come with a label stating 100 percent UV protection or UV 400.

You have to look for the tints and lens coatings also. Apart from the UV filtering, the sunglasses come with more coating or tints which help the lens to absorb the light when it goes through it.  The gray lens reduces brightness but won’t distort the color. There are sun glasses with amber and brown shaded lens that can lessen every form of glare- however it would result in color distortion. Then you have sunglasses with yellow lens which can reduce haziness caused by blue frequency present in the sunlight.

The green color lenses works to lessen glare and would also filter out blue light, offering the user with some good contrast in between objects. If you are into water sports go for rose lenses as the very color provides great contrast for the objects that are seen against blue or green backgrounds. It’s good if you go for sunglasses equipped with the anti-reflective coat. This anti-reflective coat will reduce reflection resulting from light hitting on back of the lenses. It would keep the sunlight from bouncing straight into the user’s eyes.

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