Types of wedding announcements

Although in every wedding, invitations play a major part, the role of wedding announcements cannot be neglected. The sole purpose of wedding announcements is to publicize the marriage, engagement or elopement in a unique style. For such purpose, photo wedding announcements or the simple marriage announcements can be chosen. The announcements may include the destination and name of the boy and girl who are supposed to get married. They may consist of photo albums or written text or even the combination of both. Also, they are very attractive and attention seeking due to their perfect design and printing. There can be several ways in which the announcements can be printed varying from the font style to its size. This solely depends on the customer’s choice as to what type of printing he wants. Methods of printing like engraving, lithography, letterpress, offset printing, combined plate; embossing and even the laser printing are available. People who are creative can go for the hand-made or self created wedding announcements along with beautiful calligraphy done on them. Since ages, the announcements have been hand written. This trend changed due to rise in the number of invitees to the weddings. Therefore, the option of printing became necessary to be considered.

A person can also upload the wedding announcements in different websites on internet. There are various formats to write an announcement. Announcements can be made either before or after the weddings. Photos as well as texting can be included in the announcements. As everyone is very much excited about his/her wedding, there are possibilities to make mistakes such as forgetting to design the wedding peripherals. Therefore, it is generally advised to get the wedding announcements printed from outside. There are various design firms that offer the different types of themes, textures and designs in the wedding announcements. One can choose the designs and format as per his or her choice. These announcements are presented in a different style before the general public. Sometimes scroll and sometimes plain, these peripherals attract people in a variety of ways. Wedding announcements are often considered to be legal and therefore carry a great importance. Nothing can be more stylish than these announcements. Apart from providing the useful information they are great source of happiness. And this is the reason why utmost care must be given while getting them printed.

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