Vintage style wedding dresses as a brand

Vintage style dresses is now probably choice number one among many alternative, informal and indie brides. Watching the new trends, the other brides also wished to purchase vintage style dresses for their wedding apparel. Asking why? Because the vintage inspired dresses or just vintage dresses do look unique and very romantic.

The laces, tulle and chiffon are not only best fabrics for vintage style wedding dresses, but also the necessary attribute of vintage inspired look. These fabrics are oftentimes used by fashion designer to accentuate the trend of the wedding dress. The dresses may be done as follows:  romantic Victorian gowns, romantic Edwardian dresses, sometimes romantic “la belle époque” style dresses. But actually the number of trends is not restricted. So, the choice may vary from short Titanic style dresses to the longer 30’s inspired glam gowns in long length. And it is necessary mention that the most unique and popular length is so-called tea length.

Empire dresses with accentuated upper waist are also one of the best working trends which are given the second birth. Such dresses have many advantages for the gals who take care about their figure issues. Thus, the style of dress implies unique style and length of the dress that makes silhouette of plus size gals look airy and more slender. Let alone the gals with the regular sizes. If a bride can boast with tempting upper parts of the body such dress will look Jane Austin-stylish whereas the pear typed gals with narrow chest line will look more petite which is extra popular during our days. If a bride wants to kill two birds with one stone such style of dress is the true godsend!

Today many brands and fashion designers are working on vintage style wedding dresses to please alternative and ordinary brides who stare to look really peculiar on their wedding day. One of such brands is definitely California based brand of Nataya. Vintage style dresses and boho style wedding gowns became the signature line of the aforementioned designer. American and Canadian brides have chosen the dresses of the fabulous brand as their wedding apparel for their first or second weddings.

But that’s not all about vintage style wedding dresses. Definitely with or without laces any vintage wedding dress will look really vintageous if a bride wears long veil in thick laces or the floral style laces and the wreath. Especially the aforementioned style is good for Edwardian, Victorian and La belle époque wedding dress. As to the aforementioned empire dresses they look really gorgeous without veil with the Napoleon style hat or tiny white flower pins in bride’s hair (the style of Jane Austin’s days).

Every vintage inspired bride should know the peculiarities of the time and follow the traditions of the beloved trends. Thus, she makes her best day in life really memorable!




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