Wedding Rentals Tuxedos to Tables

Weddings are expensive and there is no way to deny this. However, you can save quite a bit of cash, and future room in your attic, by renting some of the things used at your wedding. Most things used at your wedding will never be used again so it makes the most sense to rent it and be done.

Table Cloths

Never again in your life will you need those two dozen lavender table cloths that you used at your wedding. They are gorgeous and while they worked well to create a stunning reception, if you were to buy these, they would end up in your attic until the end of time. So, rent these and then return them when you are done. This also means that you will not have to worry about laundering them after the reception is over and half of your guests got pasta sauce on them.

Dining Ware

You probably got a beautiful set of China as a wedding gift. You do not need another set of formal dinnerware. This is good to rent because the last thing you want is to stay after your reception is over to box up hundreds of pieces of dinnerware. Rent it, use it and then let it be taken back. This saves a lot of cash too.


Your tuxedo is like your bride’s wedding dress in that you are only going to wear it one time. Since the tux does not have the sentimental value that the gown does, you are best off using a tuxedo rental for your big day. Renting a tuxedo can save upwards of $1,000 or more so this is, of course, a major perk when it comes to renting your wedding gear.

Tables and Chairs

Like the table cloths, you will never need this amount of tables and chairs again. Plus, where would you store these if you did buy them? You do not need fancy tables as they are covered with table cloths so go inexpensive and save the money. You want decent chairs, but again, you will save a bundle by just renting them for the day.


Most women do not think about this, but renting your wedding day jewelry is an option that could save you thousands. You will be dripping in ice and then you will give it back the next day so that you are not stuck paying it off for the next 10 years.

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